Antarctica Expedition : Post #4 - October 15, 2012

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Antarctica Oct 15

Well. It has been one adventure after another!

Today was our Sea Ice training.

Antarctica swells to 1/3 more its size during the winter by the addition of frozen Sea Ice. It is under this Sea Ice that the scientists explore the ancient flora and fauna that is unique to Antarctica. There are a group of divers here that dive below the ice and gather information for various scientists.

Scientists from all fields study Antarctica because of its unspoiled environment. There are scientists studying bacteria and worms, sea urchins, various fish, penguins (Emperor and Adele), paleontologists, etc.

I am completely in awe and have decided to record some of the work that they are doing.

In order for me to accompany them on the sea ice, it is required that I take a Sea Ice course, so we can learn to recognize an area that is too thin to cross (even if it is covered in snow). We need to recognize a crack or a thin area. We can also determine the thickness of the ice by drilling several holes through the ice.

The Hagglund taking us out to the sea ice.

The Hagglund taking us out to the sea ice.

I was able to ride in the front on the way out…


Learning how to operate the drill is not as easy as it looks!!


The view out here is extraordinary!!


Tomorrow... Snow Mobile Training!!!!

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