Antarctica Expedition : Post #10 - October 30, 2012

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Antarctica Oct 30

Sand Dunes in Antarctica?

As you found out in my previous blog, Antarctica is not just a continent of Snow and Ice. It has a large area where the snow does not settle... the Dry Valleys.

The Dry Valleys are the closest of any terrestrial environment to the planet Mars. They provide a source of insight into possible extraterrestrial life.

Victoria Valley is one of the most unusual of the Dry Valleys. It is here that you will find one of the world's most extreme deserts.

The combination of strong steady easterly winds in the summer and a dry climate cause the formation of desert sand sheets. Within the sand are compact snow strata and ice cemented sections.

The sand is a combination of different minerals including folded marble and quartz. 

I am anxious to "see" the effects of infrared light on these dunes.


Posted by Diane Tuft